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Love dogs but can’t adopt? Do the next best thing and become a sponsor for our rescued dogs and help raise funds for their food, medicine, and shelter!

Rescued Dog looking for Sponsor

They Need You!

We are inviting individuals, families, and companies to pitch in with the cost of care for an AKF rescued dog while they recover in our no-kill sanctuary. More than a hundred dogs, some with special needs, are currently in need of a sponspor.


Your Monthly Commitment of Love

Can help provide food, care, and housing for the rescues

Our rescues will be happy to accept your donations via:

BDO Logo Donations Sponsor Channel

Banco de Oro

Animal Kingdom Foundation Inc.

0069 1011 0365

BPI Logo Donations Sponsor channel
Bank of the Philippine Islands
Animal Kingdom Foundation Inc.
1681 0015 88
Gcash Logo Donations Sponsor channel
Animal Kingdom Foundation Inc.
0927 340 3514
Paypal Logo Donations Sponsor Channel
Animal Kingdom Foundation Inc.
M Lhuillier Donations Channel
M Lhuillier
Animal Kingdom Foundation Inc.
*No charges applied

Sponsorships are used to tend to the everyday needs of our beloved rescues which may vary from food, medicine, and maintenance of the shelter. Apart from that, this will also help with conducting more rescue efforts to save dogs from slaughter, abuse, and maltreatment. 

You may also send love to our rescues through in kind donations

Dog bonding with AKF volunteer

Dogs Wish List

- Dog food (wet & dry)
- Treats
- Toys for dogs
- Vaccines, medicines, and vitamins
- Leashes, harnesses, and collars


For as low as ₱700/month ($14), you can help us provide food, care, and housing for a dog while they wait for their right homes. The love and attention that you give can bring a lot of happiness to a shelter dog who may never find the permanent, loving home they deserve.

Sponsors can visit our shelter directly to choose their dog or ask our staff to assist you in choosing a dog. Click the button below to fill out the sponsorship form and submit it to us or if you have further questions, visit our CONTACT US page to reach out to us.

They need your help!

Take part in our endeavors to give the love that they deserve and improve their living conditions.