The Rescue Center:

Kennel Stories

Stories of love, courage, and rehabilitation as our rescues recover from their previous situation.

Some people have abandoned or neglected their dogs. Some were born homeless and sick.

With no food sources other than the garbage bins and dirty water to drink, the dogs are malnourished, fleas-infested, emaciated, and skin rotting due to mange and other skin disease. While most recover, some retain the scar and marks of their sad life.

Once rescues and rehabilitated, they will be rehomed.


Beinte and Pinty, an odd bestfriends and playmates who love being with each other's company despite their differences.

Beinte was a neglected Labrador rescued in Arayat, Pampanga. He was in a farm, skin and bones, with no haird and was suffering from a skin disease.

Pinty, on the other hand, was an abandoned Chihuahua. She was brought to our clinic almost lifeless because of prolonged labor. Her pup died but she survived.

Dog Meat Trade Rescued Dog Luis

Please observe the marks around the dogs' snouts and legs which are caused by tightly wound wires.

The dog traders restrain the dogs to avoid being bitten and prevent barking that may catch attention while being transported to makeshift slaughterhouses or restaurants. The dogs would endure more than 8 hours of torturous journey inside a cramp vehicle with very minimal ventilation, if any. Packed like sardines and enduring extreme heat, only few survive as most die in transit, and yet their meat will be served in eateries as food and beer mates.

They say dogs are man’s best friend. How can one treat a friend like this?


Dogs are found piled-up on one another inside the false floors of vans and jeepneys. Some crushed dead and some dying, other badly maimed.

These dogs were bound to be slaughtered; skin torched, and body butchered to be served as beer-food. One can’t imagine how these dogs once badly maltreated, had now become happy, healthy, and loving dogs.

Rescued Puppy

We would find some female dogs pregnant during rescues and some would give birth inside the dog traders vehicles.

Had they not been rescued, the puppies would have been just thrown out or crushed to death. We call them MIRACLE babies.


Buboy, a loyal and loving companion who knows no end. An inspiration to every one of us.

He was once a companion of the late teacher, Carmelito Marcelo, who would always stay with him whenever he's in campus. The two best friends were inseparable even until his best friend's passing as Buboy stayed by Marcelo's coffin. Unforunately, weeks from being being separated from his best friend, Buboy got into a car accident which led him to meet the late Marcelo, but this time in heaven.

Now, Buboy lies in the AKF's pet cemetery along with our other rescues who have crossed the rainbow bridge. A partner organization, touched by Buboy's story, put up a statue in remembrance of his love and loyalty.



These adorable rescues are looking for a new home and a family! Are you ready to give them love and belly rubs everyday?

They need your help!

Take part in our endeavors to give the love that they deserve and improve their living conditions.