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Adopt A Rescue Dog at AKF

General Questions

Yes! You may find our satellite office c/o Atty. Heidi Caguioa at Heart Tower, Valero St., Salcedo Village, Makati.

By AIR: Nearest airport is Clark (CRK) which is just 30 minutes away. From Clark, head straight to Dau Terminal and board a bus going north. You may also use NAIA (MNL) and travel for 2 more hours on public bus. Drop-off point is Capas Junction. Airport transfers may likewise be arranged. Contact us.

By BUS: Most provincial buses going to Baguio and Pangasinan pass thru Capas Junction after exiting SCTEX in Concepcion (except for those using SCTEX Luisita or TPLEX, so ask the driver first). Tell the bus steward to drop you off at the said junction (Landmarks: Caltex, McDonald’s). From there, ride a tricycle going to Cubcub – Animal Kingdom (fare P50-80). Travel time from Manila: 1.5 hours; Bus fare from Manila: P210.

By JEEP & TRICYCLE: From Tarlac City (usual pick-up points: Metrotown, Siesta, TSU Main), ride the Tarlac-Capas/Bamban jeepney (fare P35). Tell the driver to drop you off at Jollibee Capas near the market. From there, a TODA on the side of Jollibee can take you to the Rescue Center in just 5 minutes (fare P30-50). Travel Time from Tarlac City: 35 minutes.

By PRIVATE VEHICLE: Search for “Animal Kingdom Foundation Rescue and Rehabilitation Center” on Waze or Google Maps. Nearest SCTEX exit is Concepcion. Travel time from Manila: 1.5 hours.

YES! The doors of AKF is always open for visitors. Just give us a heads-up prior to your visit by sending us a message at our Facebook Page or by reaching out to us through the following contact numbers: (0939) 914 2404 / (0939) 914 2403. Our beloved rescues are happy to welcome you on your visit!

There are many ways to be involved and take part in our animal-saving endeavors. You may DONATE, ADOPT a rescue, or be a part of our VOLUNTEER team. Come and visit our GET INVOLVED page to know more!

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Ending the Dog Meat Trade

The cruel dog meat trade is one of the most serious animal welfare concerns in the Philippines. The availability and consumption of dog meat are widespread in various parts of the country where the welfare concern lies in the large number of unfortunate dogs that are taken from the streets and being inhumanely slaughtered.

The dogs are brought to the AKF shelter to be loved and be rehabilitated. We tend to their needs and make sure they have a comfortable life to ease their recovery, walking with them each step of the way.

YES! Upon full recovery, the dogs are put up for adoption for them to have a loving family and a suitable home.

You may read more about adoption by clicking this link: http://akf.org.ph/adopt/

We can’t put an end to the cruel dog meat trade without your help. If you have information about dog meat trading or any activity of dog meat slaughter and abuse, please inform us by reaching out to us at  (0939) 914 2403 / (0939) 914 2405.*

*Any information given will be treated with utmost confidentiality.


To ensure that our rescues are given a loving family and a suitable home, applicants must go through the adoption process. This process includes filling out the AKF rehoming form, evaluation, and finally rehoming.

You may access the form by visiting the link at: https://wer4happytails.com/shelter/akf-animal-rescue-rehabilitation-center

Read more at:  http://akf.org.ph/adopt/

AKF does not accept surrendered pets. The animals that we have in our shelter are rescued from slaughter, cruelty, and neglect who are waiting to be adopted. Pet ownership is a lifelong commitment and if you can no longer take care of your pet, please consider looking for a family member or friend who could adopt your pet. Responsible pet ownership remains to be our call to pet owners and we discourage any form of abandonment.

While AKF does not take in abandoned pets at the shelter due to limited resources, we may help you find an adoptor within our network. However, our priority for adoption will always be our rescued animals.

Cage-Free Campaign

The cage-free campaign is a call to improve the living conditions of egg-laying hens as 90% of their population live in an uncomfortable environment affecting their health and welfare. The campaign encourages the use of cage-free housing for hens and to purchase cage-free eggs instead of the regular eggs.

There are many ways to take part in this campaign. Start by purchasing cage-free eggs instead of regular eggs from battery cages, dine at restaurants that use cage-free eggs, and encourage your friends and family to shift in to cage-free eggs.

Sure! We’d be happy to talk to you about the cage-free campaign. Just send us a message at our Contact Us page and we’ll respond to you as soon as we can.

You may also visit our Cage-Free page or check out the campaign’s Facebook page.

Apprehended Dog Meat Traders and Slaugtherers

Animal Cruelty

First, evaluate the situation and only intervene if it’s safe to do so. Ask the offender to stop the abuse, as it may save the animal’s life. However, if it’s too dangerous to intervene, report the abuse to a barangay official and/or a police officer and gather photo and video evidence. Animal cruelty is a crime that must be reported to the authorities. Otherwise, the cycle of abuse will continue.

Animal cruelty is punishable by law and must be reported to the barangay and/or police. As a reporter, you will need to execute an affidavit so that AKF can file the case.

Yes. Upon execution of affidavit, AKF will file the case in court. We will shoulder all the legal expenses as long as you commit to testify in court and provide evidences against the offender. This is to ensure that the case will move forward and justice will be served. 

Animal cruelty is against the law
and it must be stopped.

Read more about the Animal Welfare Act by clicking the links below:

They need your help!

Take part in our endeavors to give the love that they deserve and improve their living conditions.