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Ending the Dog Meat Trade

No animal on earth deserves the treatment that dog slaughterers and animal abusers give to these innocent dogs.

Dogs Cramped in Cages to be Slaughtered by Dog Meat Traders

The cruel dog meat trade is one of the most serious animal welfare concerns in the Philippines. The availability and consumption of dog meat are widespread in various parts of the country where the welfare concern lies in the large number of unfortunate dogs that are taken from the streets and being inhumanely slaughtered. Now, it continues to be a problem as some dog meat traders remain at large.

Logos of the Philippine National Police Bureau of Animal Industry and National Meat Inspection Service

AKF is a partner of the the Philippine National Police (PNP), Bureau of Animal Industry – Animal Welfare Division (BAI – AWD), and National Meat Inspection Service (NMIS) in the implementation of the laws against animal cruelty, especially against the dog meat trade. 

We rescue, rehabilitate, and rehome the dogs as soon as they're ready and have completely recovered while, at the same time, pursue the prosecution of the dog meat traders. AKF conducts its own surveillance, stake-outs, and raids in full coordination with the PNP in order to end this inhumane practice.

Dogs Cramped in Cages to be Slaughtered by Dog Meat Traders

The dogs are subjected to torture, maltreatment, and other inhumane conditions through the hands of dog meat traders.

In photo: a group of dog meat traders and slaughterers arrested in Padre Garcia, Batangas


Rescued Dog from Dog Meat Traders


We save the unfortunate dogs from the hands of dog meat traders and immediately relieve the animals from their situation.

Veterinarians Checking up dogs in the AKF Shelter


We tend to the health and medical needs of our rescues to ease their recovery and to prepare them for rehoming.

Adoptors with Dog in AKF Shelter


Upon their full recovery, we look for a new home and family for our rescues to give them belly rubs and love them everyday.

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From rescuing them to finding them a loving family and home, we are with our rescues.

Watch the video to know more about the dog meat trade in the Philippines and how we strive to eliminate this inhumane practice.


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They need your help!

Take part in our endeavors to give the love that they deserve and improve their living conditions.