The eggs that we consume can be healthier and better.

Despite being a meal staple, the eggs’ nutritional value and the welfare of hens are often overlooked.

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What is this campaign about?

As part of our advocacy, we raise awareness and educate consumers about eggs from hens raised in a cage-free environment. Unlike most eggs sold in the market, hens in cage-free environments have the freedom to exhibit their natural behavior, they are free to run around, perch, and lay eggs on proper nests. With improved welfare and living conditions, cage-free hens are able to produce nutrient-dense eggs compared to regular ones.

Through this campaign, we will call out to restaurants, food businesses, and egg farmers to choose and produce cage-free eggs. Apart from raising the nutritional value of eggs, this campaign will uplift the welfare and living conditions of hens.

Cage-free eggs are more nutritious than regular eggs!

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