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Go Cruel-Free!

Eggs have been a breakfast staple, but do you know what an egg-laying hen has to go through every day to produce an egg?

AKF's Attorney Heidi Caguioa in a Cage-Free House

Cage-Free, Go Cruel-Free!

is a campaign calling for the improvement of the egg-laying hens' living conditions. This is part of the response to the rising global awareness of consumers to the practices that take place in the farm before their food reaches the market. In a cage-free environment, the egg-laying hens are free to stretch their wings, run around, and exhibit their natural behaviors which are all vital to them.

Giving the Love that they Deserve

Apart from AKF's campaign for companion animals, we are also driven to improve the quality of life that egg-laying hens have throughout their laying period. 

We do this by encouraging the use of cage-free eggs in our meals and by educating egg farmers about its difference from the conventional battery cage egg farm setup used by most egg farmers. 

Lecture About Cage-Free in a Culinary School

They give us the most affordable source of protein. Let's give back to them and show them love by supporting the improvement of their living conditions.

What is

Cage-free systems for egg-laying hens is a type of house or environment which allow them more opportunities to express their natural behaviors. Variations of cage-free may include barn system, aviary system, and free range to which all the space allowance provide opportunities for improved welfare of the hens. This is the proposed alternative to battery cages where most of the consumed eggs in the world are produced. 90% of the egg-laying hens in the Philippines live in battery cages lacking the freedom to stretch their wings, run around, and express their natural behaviors. 

cage free chicken philippinescage free chicken philippines

In photo: Above, a battery cage egg farm setup. Here, 4-7 hens have to share an A4-sized cage as an industry standard. This is where majority of the eggs in the country are produced. Below, a cage free egg farm where hens get to stretch their wings, run around, and exhibit their natural behaviors.

How Can I Help?

There are many ways to take part in this campaign. Start by purchasing cage-free eggs instead of regular eggs from battery cages, dining at restaurants that use cage-free eggs, and encouraging your friends and family to shift into cage-free eggs. You may also send us a message to know how you could be a part of the campaign, we’d be happy to talk to you!

Download this free brochure to educate others about cage-free egg production.

Share this video to encourage your friends and family to go cage-free!

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They need your help!

Take part in our endeavors to give the love that they deserve and improve their living conditions.