Call to Action

By: Mio Diez

Before I joined Animal Kingdom Foundation, I would often cry whenever I saw videos of animals who were victims of cruelty, left to survive on their own. It would always leave me with this heavy feeling of helplessness, thinking how can a single person make things better for all these animals?

When I discovered AKF, I learned that I can help by sponsoring a dog in their shelter. After a few months, I joined them as a volunteer and attended the orientation via zoom last 2021. By 2022, I was actively participating in adoption events, which allowed me to interact and meet people who were also interested in promoting animal welfare. I became friends with these people, because like me, they want animals to have better lives.

Ever since I was introduced to AKF’s vision and mission, I now find myself stopping my car to feed stray dogs and cats. My friends started asking me about the work that we do, and started referring me to people who were interested in helping and adopting.  The more help I gave, the better I felt. The feeling of helplessness was no longer present. Instead of crying and feeling sorry for these animals, I helped them find their new forever homes, and that is one of the best things that I have done in my life.

When we give, we may lose material things, but we gain a feeling of fulfillment, which in turn, makes us richer in life. Sometimes, it just starts with one simple donation. 

If you want to help but have no time to volunteer, Animal Kingdom Foundation accepts donations used for our rescue missions, rehabilitation and rehoming activities. 

If interested, here are our donation channels:

  • AKF-Salcedo Village, Level 2, 108 Heart Tower Valero St, Makati, 1200 Metro Manila
  • Mobile: 09399142403
  • GCASH:  09479991678 (Heidi C.)
  • Paypal:
  • BDO Account:  0069 1011 0365
  • BPI Account: 1681 0015 88
  • RCBC Current Account: 0046010931

You can also purchase AKF donation vouchers via Shopee. 

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They need your help!

Take part in our endeavors to give the love that they deserve and improve their living conditions.