Volunteers At Work

By: Katrina Gatchalian

With the numerous cases of the dog meat trade, animal neglect, and stray rescues over the recent months, it is nothing short of amazing how all of these are accomplished by the volunteers behind Animal Kingdom Foundation. 

As a non-profit, non-stock organization, the wheels that keep the organization going are mostly composed of young volunteers from different backgrounds with a shared passion for making this world a little less cruel for the voiceless animals to live in. They are composed of young professionals who devote themselves to participating in the activities. There are also student volunteers who actively share their time to promote our activities, both online and face-to-face.

From apprehending the perpetrators of the illegal meat trade to advocating for cage-free, ethical egg farming, there is no task too big for the team to handle. 

Since the pandemic restrictions have eased up, there have been more activities that were mounted by the volunteers. One of the most remarkable events is the adoption drive held in different malls. Our roster of volunteers is more than happy to be of service to these animals.

Our volunteers are also well-trained in handling on-site animal rescues despite time constraints and limited resources. They take on literal life-or-death rescue situations.

Homeless and abandoned animals bear the brunt of the abuse and mistreatment. These poor animals are not easy to handle due to the trauma and injury inflicted on them. Every little task makes a significant impact on the lives of the animals we try to save.

Volunteers are essential to AKF’s fulfilling mission. Volunteering opportunities contribute to something meaningful not just to those you get to help, but also to yourself. You could meet people with the same passion as you and form lifelong friendships with other volunteers and animals. In any kind of way, big or small, anyone can have the heart to fill this world with hope.

To sign up as a volunteer, click this link.

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