Run Fur Life:
The Arrfmazing Race

Cock-a-doodle- hang on. It started way earlier than that!

Last September 25, before the crack of dawn, AKF staff and volunteers from all over Luzon trooped to Robinson Land’s Bridgetowne for the 7th annual fun run, Run Fur Life: The Arrfmazing Race! Situated at the border of Pasig and Quezon city, Bridgetowne was the perfect location for Run Fur Life, what with its wide open space and relaxing aura, the green grass and the fresh breeze that blew around.

Literally, an inspired splash of nature in the big city. So, in terms of ambiance it was an 11/10 and the best place to host a memorable day for fur kids, pawrents, and animal lovers everywhere.

Once all the materials and our ‘ambassadogs’ arrived, the AKF team began their work setting up and doing a final check around the area. We hung signs, carried tables and chairs, spoke with the partners and staff, arranged race kits, and did a final sound check, all with the help of our Ambassadog, Precious, leading the way with a friendly good morning, “pet me” face.

As the time for the event to start was drawing near, fur parents and their fur kids started to arrive. Everyone gushed over the fur kids wearing various costumes and begging for pets and hugs as volunteers handed their ‘pawrents’ their race kits. Normally, dogs are the stars of run fur life, what with their excitable natures and love of running, but as AKF volunteers and staff roamed the area everyone was pleased to see pawrents of cats mingling with our dog friends, and to everyone’s surprise one fur parent even brought a fluffy bunny rabbit to join in on the fun.

The fun run officially begun with excited words of welcome from both AKF and Robinsons’ representatives, directly followed by AKF’s Pack Leader, Atty. Heidi Caguioa, leading a torch lighting ceremony to signify the official start of the event. Afterwards pawrents began busting out their dance moves with a fun Zumba workout led by our friendly zumba instructor and AKF hosts. Then it was time for the main event, our Arrfmazing Race! First to run were our 1k solo participants, followed by the 1k duo (fur kids and fur parents). A few minutes later, the 3k solo started and finally our 3k duo made their way happily around Bridgetowne.  It was all smiles as the race winded down, fur parents were happily socializing with each other as they thanked AKF and Robinsons for arranging the fun event. 

Everyone complimented the beautiful location, the quality products of the sponsors and partners, and the quick response of the AKF team to all their pet and hooman needs. After a quick session about AKF’s advocacy and warm, fuzzy greetings from our Ambassadogs Sher and Precious, AKF and Robinsons representatives took to the stage once again for the awards ceremony. After the competitive solo run awardees had their moment, proud duo run awardees, doggos with their ‘pawrents’ took to the stage with energetic tails wagging, to claim their prize and flash triumphant smiles. The day’s events ended with a final word of thanks from both AKF and Robinsons and everyone went home with tired, happy smiles. Everyone is grateful for all the fun and excited for the unforgettable Run Fur Life.

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