Rising Awareness in Animal Welfare

By: Kai Santulio

It’s amazing to see how many companies are now looking at ways to get involved and contribute to the Animal Welfare Industry.

Their organizational contributions now involve volunteering at animal shelters, donating money and providing products that can help animals in need. Some companies are also starting campaigns to raise awareness about the importance of animal welfare. Organizations like: Cebuana Lhuiller, Friends of the Earth, and various pet grooming companies.

Some companies also get involved by  sponsoring “ Adopt-a-Pet Day”, an event where employees adopt pets from shelters. Through this event, companies help boost their employees’ morale and show how much they care about animals by donating time and money towards helping animals find new homes. 

Companies aim to also educate their employees about the importance and the work that goes into adopting and taking care of their new pets. They aim to support organizations like, Animal Kingdom Foundation, that promotes adoption and giving second chances to abandoned animals, over buying pets in stores, etc.

There are many ways to help and increasing awareness is one of them. You or your teams can either volunteer at the AKF Shelter, join our adoption days as volunteers or even help spread our mission by sharing the word through social media.

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