Rehoming Miracles: A Journey to Furever Homes

By: Charm Parreno

“Miracles don’t happen to you. They happen through you.” – Mary Davis

Weak limbs on the side streets, short quick dying breaths inside sacks, hopeful hearts struggling to survive – words fail to capture the hostile moments that strays go through whether on the roads or in the hands of dog meat traders.

Animal Kingdom Foundation never ceases to rescue and rehabilitate the animals in need. However, the hope for a better tomorrow goes beyond full health recovery hence the organization continues to partner with the community to bring AKF rescues to their new ‘furever’ homes.

Sophie & Teri,  once abandoned and left to die, have turned into playful and sweet furbabies and are now enjoying their days with their new furfamilies.

Gian’s story was no different from the dogs rescued from queued up sacks of dog meat trading. Cramped up in cages or panting inside sacks while waiting for their turn at the death door until AKF sheds light and ends these dark hours. Gian, along with many others, are rehabilitated and are now rehomed. Gian now barks happily with the love and care of his new furparents.

There are more rescues waiting for their furever homes at the AKF shelter.

Be part of their journey and make their miracles come true.

Visit the AKF Adoption Page to adopt a rescue.

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