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Animal Kingdom Foundation (AKF) aims to work in ensuring the prevention of cruelty and suffering of animals. It strives towards protection and promotion of their welfare by advocating an improvement to their living conditions, by campaigning to eliminate causes that bring about pain and discomfort to the animals. AKF will work towards a symbiotic, harmonious and healthy environment for both humans and animals.

Companion and Farm Animals
Rescued Dog Cruelly Tied and Sacked by Dog Meat Traders

Ending the
Dog Meat Trade

The cruel dog meat trade is one of the most serious animal welfare concerns in the Philippines. No animal on earth deserves the treatment that dog slaughterers and animal abusers give to these innocent dogs.


Majority of the eggs that we consume are produced in battery cages where egg-laying hens can’t fully express their natural behaviors. Know more about how you can help improve their living conditions. 

Cage and Cage Free Hen


These adorable rescues are looking for a new home and a family! Are you ready to give them love and belly rubs everyday?

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I can't wait to meet you at the AKF shelter!
They are putting up a new airport at my home in Taliptip island and I had nowehere to go. For now, I will be staying at the AKF shelter until I found a loving family and new home. Are you may furever family? #AdoptDontShop


Jackie Baut, founder of Palawan Animal Welfare Foundation, has been leading the spreading of animal welfare awareness in Palawan and, although, her methods may sometimes collide with some quarters' idea of doing things, she is a true animal welfare campaigner. We can learn a lot from Jackie if only the intended parties are receptive of her intentions in protecting the animals. Jackie, as seen in this video, is simply preventing an overcrowding of slaughter-bound livestock. If the regulations on animal welfare is to be reviewed, she is putting things in order. We strongly disagree in calling her particular act as kawalang-hiyaan. She is, in fact, educating people on animal welfare. ...
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Animal Kingdom Foundation is a non-stock, non-profit, animal welfare organization who seeks to improve the living conditions and protect the welfare of the animals in the country. Know more about us!

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